INKtober 2017 Artworks

Ink, Sweat, Blood and Madness October has finally come, as I mentioned earlier I am joining an art challenge called INKtober. This post will contain all the artworks for this challenge and will be updated daily. I will also include a short blurb of inspiration for the artwork summarising how I came up with my… via … Continue reading INKtober 2017 Artworks

INKtober 2017

INKtober Challenge: 31 Days of Ink and Mess Inktober is a drawing challenge created by Jake Parker in 2009. Artists all over the world are encouraged to participate by making a drawing using a pen or any materials with ink and post it online with the #INKtober and #INKtober[insertyear] for the whole 31 days of… via … Continue reading INKtober 2017

How will RELife End?

Warning: This post may contain spoilers. Read at your own risk. RELife Ending Theories RELife is a seinen webtoon made by Yayoiso. The story revolves around a 27-year-old NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) named Kaizaki Arata who is given a magic pill that made him looked like 10 years younger and to relive his… … Continue reading How will RELife End?

Travel: Isla Reta, Talicud Island Samal

My friends from high school and I got a little get-together and we went to a beach resort named Isla Reta in Talicud Island Samal. We stayed overnight, and it was a very fantastic experience; away from the toxic of the city and good place to unwind. The best thing about it, aside from a breathtaking … Continue reading Travel: Isla Reta, Talicud Island Samal